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Die seltsame Abneigung der Deutschen gegen Freihandel

Dieser Gastbeitrag wurde erstmals auf Project Syndicate am 6. Juni 2016 veröffentlicht und erschien in deutscher Übersetzung von Harald Eckhoff bei

Das Freihandelsabkommen TTIP zwischen Europa und den USA findet kaum noch zu Zustimmung. Diese Aversionen sind jedoch unbegründet – und schlecht für die handelsabhängige deutsche Wirtschaft.

Die Gelegenheit, die Transatlantische Investitions- und Handelspartnerschaft (TTIP) zwischen den Vereinigten Staaten und Europa zum Abschluss zu bringen, neigt sich immer mehr ihrem Ende zu. In den USA, in Frankreich und … [weiterlesen]

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The German locomotive has become Europe’s liability

This article was first published on on 27 August 2014.

The news that German output declined in the second quarter has dented the country’s economic euphoria, but only a little.

Many blame the Ukraine crisis and transient factors such as the mild winter, and believe that Europe’s largest economy remains fundamentally strong. They are wrong. Germany’s disappointing performance mostly reflects structural weaknesses, both at home and in the eurozone. Policy makers should act quickly, before the problems become further … [weiterlesen]

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Sanctions Blowback

This article was first published on Project Syndicate on 14 August 2014.

With the crisis in Ukraine intensifying, the United States and the European Union are locked in a battle of wills – and sanctions – with Russia. Indeed, in retaliation for the intensification of Western financial sanctions, Russia has announced a ban on food and agricultural imports from the US and the EU. But the real threat to the West lies in the potential impact of a financial crisis … [weiterlesen]

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Europe Doesn’t Need More Public Spending

This article was first published in The Wall Street Journal Europe on 4 July 2014

Europe is stuck in a deep slump and facing the prospect of many more years of stagnation and high unemployment. European leaders are right in their diagnosis that a growth stimulus is urgently needed to end the crisis. But they are wrong in their solution: The Continent doesn’t need more public spending and bigger government. It needs more competition, innovation and the completion of the … [weiterlesen]

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Taking the mandate of the ECB seriously

by Marcel Fratzscher, Michael Hüther and Guntram B. Wolff

This is a translation of the original German article published in FAZ on February 6, 2014.

European Central Bank President Draghi has played down German fears about high inflation and urged Germany not to ignore the positive impact of European monetary policy. Bundesbank president Weidmann has also recently stressed that there are no reasons for German concern about inflation. The public debate about European monetary policy, however, has become more heated … [weiterlesen]