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Decision of ECB sends a strong and convincing argument

The decision of the ECB sends a strong and convincing argument that it is determined to pursue its mandate of price stability. The programme constitutes a necessary step to help end the European crisis. We don’t have to like the programme, but we should support it to give Europe a perspective for the future.

The size of the purchase programme sends a credible signal to financial markets, also as it exceeds expectations. The ECB rightly underlines the urgent responsibility of … [continue reading]

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The ECB’s dilemma

by Marcel Fratzscher, Michael Hüther and Guntram B. Wolff.
This text was also published on
BerlinOeconomicus (German), in Le Monde  and in El País.

As the ECB is likely to announce a government bond purchase programme on January 22, the opposition in Germany is growing. The potential election of a government in Greece with its intention to restructure debt towards its official creditors puts the upcoming ECB’s decision under even greater scrutiny. The fact that the ECB has … [continue reading]

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