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Germany’s savings madness

This text was also published in German in  ZEIT ONLINE on February 17,  as part of the op-ed column “Fratzschers Verteilungsfragen“.

Germany is generating substantial export surpluses – but the profits are being squandered abroad. The solution? Investing in Germany.

Since the year 2000, every German has lost an average of €7,500 euros in savings abroad.

How could that be? Didn’t our country just post a record surplus, exporting significantly more to its foreign partners than it is importing? Yes, … [continue reading]

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Europe Doesn’t Need More Public Spending

This article was first published in The Wall Street Journal Europe on 4 July 2014

Europe is stuck in a deep slump and facing the prospect of many more years of stagnation and high unemployment. European leaders are right in their diagnosis that a growth stimulus is urgently needed to end the crisis. But they are wrong in their solution: The Continent doesn’t need more public spending and bigger government. It needs more competition, innovation and the completion of the … [continue reading]

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