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In Germany, the poor are getting poorer

This text was also published in German in  ZEIT ONLINE on March 3rd  as part of the op-ed column “Fratzschers Verteilungsfragen“.

Recently, the Federal Government will soon present its fifth official Poverty and Wealth Report. But early leaks revealed the removal of passages concerning the richest citizens’ disproportionate political influence had already triggered widespread public outrage. Such an omission is especially troubling given that broad political participation – critical for a functional democracy – is lacking in Germany. In fact, … [continue reading]

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Towards a Euro Union

Why we need more European integration to prevent further crises. Eleven German economists, lawyers and political scientists – the Glienicker Group – make suggestions.

Crisis, what crisis? If public sentiment in Germany is anything to go by, there is little reason to worry about Europe. The period when it was feared that the euro might collapse seems a long time ago. Financial markets have calmed down. The design flaws of the monetary union seem to have been papered over, and … [continue reading]

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