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Elites turning a blind eye to social inequality

This text was also published in German in ZEIT ONLINE on December 23 as part of the op-ed column “Fratzschers Verteilungsfragen“.

Germany’s widespread social inequality is real – but politicians are still in denial.

“The people may get most facts wrong, but their feelings are mostly correct,” wrote Kurt Tucholsky, with a dash of irony, on the political manipulation of Germany’s citizens. Though the quote is from 1931, it still holds true today. Significant portions of Germany’s population are feeling … [continue reading]

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10 Statements – Investment for More Growth. An Agenda for Germany’s Future

Germany has been swept away on a wave of euphoria – the public perception is that its economy is thriving and its future is promising. A study by DIW Berlin (document in German, a shorter English version of the study will be published in August) refutes this perception, arguing that, in recent years, Germany has not only made fundamental economic policy mistakes but has also failed to set a course for the future. Above all, this is reflected in a [continue reading]

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